Network Health Assessment

Your Network Health Assessment Record

Performing a network health assessment is essential for just about any company that heavily depends on its information system. Within this era, nearly every business utilizes computer systems along with other devices to carry out a number of functions – from recording data to examining inputs, to creating information in difficult copy.

Thus, it’s likewise necessary that you should assess the healthiness of your network via a simple record. This guarantees that the personal computers works easily and will also be functional for any very long time. When done regularly, the assessment can help you see whether something should be changed or fixed.

Four factors are investigated inside a network health assessment: 1) security, to make sure that the IT systems are utilized only by approved people 2) competition, to make certain the network supplies a edge against your competitors towards the business 3) availability, to find out if the systems are for sale to use anytime during the day to prevent delays in information processing or any other functions and 4) capacity, to check on if the system is still effective effectively and effectively, and addresses the requirements of the organization.

Apart from these four factors, you will find also sub-groups that must definitely be checked for total qc. Be led through the questions and explanations such as the following:

Network Infrastructure. This identifies potential problems regarding cables, the web firewall, class network switches, and also the cable modem. In addition it analyzes the necessity to enhance the following:

Network Management and Equipment: Perform the switches work correctly? Exist “uncontrollable” switches that must definitely be changed? Exist issues on workstation performance? What issues are revealed within the network traffic?

Internet Security Software: What is the system that filters outgoing traffic? Has got the system been assaulted by adware and spyware or any other infections that are hard to eradicate? Should a firewall be enhanced? Will the firewall allow only desirable Internet traffic?

Cabling: Can there be a recognised primary communications room? Exist equipment shelves that indicate proper cable management? Would be the cables labeled?

Wireless Networking: Can there be electromagnetic interference that hinders the workers by using the wireless network? Where if the wireless entry way be best installed? Will the network allow guest access?

Remote Access: What is the Virtual Private Network in the region? May be the network employed for other reasons apart from accommodating customer support information?

Physical Atmosphere. This figures in how good systems run in business. For instance, assessing physical space is essential in gauging if the IT equipment works effectively.

Temperature: May be the room hot or awesome? So how exactly does the humidity and temperature modify the system? Would be the vents around the servers clean or could they be clogged by dust? Does ventilation correctly before and behind equipment?

Physical Security: Exist loose cables and switches which employees might trip? Would be the servers placed correctly without the possibility of being disrupted?

Automatic Server Shutdown: Should network shutdown software be installed? Are batteries or servers supervised and examined regularly?